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Incrediwear Products

Wearable Anti-Inflammatory

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Cashion & De Leon NP Clinic is partnered with Incrediwear, a company we trust with CBD products and compression sleeves. These products are exceptionally well designed to help reduce inflammation and pain by empowering the body's natural healing process. Click on the link below to learn more about Incrediwear products, how they work, and how they can help you live pain-free.


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How Incrediwear Works

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Incrediwear technology incorporates Germanium and Carbon within the fabric. When stimulated by body heat, these semiconductor elements release a mid-level infrared optical wave. This process creates cellular vibrations to increase blood flow and speed, resulting in lymphatic drainage, as well as bringing more oxygen and nutrients to the target area.

The end result is to enhance the body's natural healing process, thus reducing inflammation and swelling, relieving pain, optimizing performance, and accelerating recovery.


Studies on Incrediwear

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MLS Study Findings

Impact of Incrediwear Leg Sleeves on Pro Athletes

"In my busy practice of orthopedic and sports physical therapy, I find that Incrediwear is a vital component for my patients' quick recovery and comfort. It has been my go-to answer for post-surgical swelling and pain control, as well as neuromuscular training and proprioceptive support for athletes returning back to sport.

- Dr. Jonathan Sum

Director at USC Physical Therapy Associates

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Osteoarthrits Pain Relief Study

Peer reviewed and published in the October 2019 Orthopaedic Journal of Sports Medicine

A total of 46 participants with osteoarthritis of the knee wore the Incrediwear knee sleeve for 6 months. None of the participants recieved any type of additional physical or injection therapy. Patients were evaluated at baseline and ever month after that, until the conlusion of the study.

Findings were statistically significant and indicated the Incrediwear knee sleeve was responsible for an improvement in pain and function for grades 1 and 2 osteoarthritis, providing a non-surgical treatment option for patients.

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